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Let me help you examine the challenges in your transition and support you and your family through the sometimes overwhelming international move and transition.  

  • How to keep my sense of self during a transition and living abroad?

  • TCK and CCK mystery solving

  • How to support the family trough the transition?

  • How to find a purpose in a foreign country?

  • How to support my children trough a school transition?

  • How to find identity as a cross cultural person?

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In choosing a more nomadic lifestyle for my multi-cultural family, it was imperative I build a true support system and develop techniques to deal with the many challenges I would inevitably face. Both my professional training as a certified coach and extensive expatriate community involvement has enabled me to not only prepare myself for life's challenges, but also to guide others with experience and compassion.

The sessions mix techniques from coaching, NLP, NVC and several self-development /mind and body tools that I have learned throughout my transitions path.


I cannot wait for the opportunity to listen to your history and help you redesign and experience the life you deserve. My work is online based and you can contact me anytime, from anywhere in the world.


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We'll take the time to understand what you want and how you can deal with your transition. My goal is to support you in living the live you deserve.

assessment package

Get reassurance with this special package designed to show us if I am the right coach for you. It also helps you evaluate your challenges and what steps you need to take.


Transitions, relocations, mobility and all the perks (and disasters) that come with it? Get a first hand experience shared with good humour and empathy.


Have someone to talk to in case of extreme situational or emotional distress.

This service is exclusively for current clients.

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Tel/Whatsapp: +33 7 49 07 77 88

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