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A mobility professional passionate for storytelling and to support the mobile individuals and their families, I share my own experience through talks about transition, mobile life, creating my own business and life mess ups while on the move.

Through these talks, I aim to share my journey of raising a family around the world and creating my own identity.

I have conducted talks in International schools, companies and relocation agencies around the world.



Are you having challenges with your mobile life and identity? Do you feel you could be happier? Are you struggling to communicate with your family and friends? Belonging in a foreign country can be a challenge indeed.

This is where I can help you.

Whether you do not have a clear goal yet or you do have one but you are not sure how to get there, I will help you develop a clear strategy to reach your objectives and determine the different steps to make it a reality.

Through our working together, you will be able to redesign the life you deserve.

All sessions are online based.



I want to make sure you get into coaching knowing that this is what you need. And I want to make sure that you have the right professional beside you when you decide to look for help.

This is a special package of two sessions (50 min each) with a very special price that will help you find out what is your core challenge and who is, potentially, the right fit for you.

Because I know it is all about connecting you to the right person, at the right time and with the right specialty, by the end of the two sessions we will be able to decide to either continue the coaching with me, or refer you to the best professional that can help in your case: a fellow coach with a specialty different than mine, a psychologist, a mediator, someone face-to-face at your location - you name it, I will help you find it.

Throughout my nomadic life I have collected a list of trusted and amazing professionals that could potentially help you. The best ones.

In a nutshell: You and I will have two coaching sessions, focusing on your needs assessment to diagnose and find out who/which specialty is the right fit for you at this moment of your life. 



If you are experiencing an extreme situation and would like around the clock support.

All sessions are online based.

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