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Carolina is the 'go to expert' for all things related to being an accompanying partner, raising children between many countries and cultures (and difference academic systems!), and developing a portable career. She puts her lessons learned to good use as a professional coach for others on a similar journey. Each encounter with her clients not only confirms there are common themes in such stories but also gives Carolina the opportunity to offer guidance on how the gifts of such a life can be maximized and how the challenges can be met in ways to make them opportunities for growth rather than defeat. Carolina is also a pioneer. She has led the Families in Global Transition affiliate for Portuguese speaking members who may not easily access the English only forums. Her book for globally mobile families, Lar Mundo Afora, is one of the few on this topic to be written in Portuguese and later translated to Spanish, Carolina has been a leader in demonstrating to all that the impact of global mobility on individuals and families is not limited to those from one particular background, ethnicity, or first language. For those who want more understanding about the dealing with transition, cross-cultural living or marriages, having a dual career on the move, or raising children among many different cultural contexts, Carolina will be the perfect fit and foil as you seek to better understand your journey, your needs, your life story and find strategies for doing it with strength and joy. I highly recommend her to you!

                                          Ruth E. VanReken, co-author Third Culture Kids: The Experience of Growing Up Among Worlds,                                            3rd ed, co-founder, Families in Global Transition.

Carolina has been a precious guide for my journey, and I owe her much. Her methods are very professional, I love the way she makes me progress and how I can find inner resources, thanks to her precise expertise. I highly recommend her and I'm glad we can work again together, after a successful guidance two years ago.

Berengere Ferrier, Strategy and marketing advisor at Creavilia

Los Angeles - Toulouse

Conheco Carolina há alguns anos. E da mesma forma que tenho acompanhado a trajetória dela através de todas as suas mudanças, ela tem acompanhado a minha. 
E dentro de todas as pessoas que me escutaram e orientaram durante meu processo de divórcio, nenhuma foi mais atenciosa e amorosa mas também direta e pragmática do que Carolina. 
Sua capacidade de não julgamento e sua empatia sempre me impressionam, tornando os momentos em que estamos trabalhando em minhas questões pessoais extremamente valiosos e construtivos. Momentos sempre de muito crescimento!
Gratidão eterna Carolina!

Sandrine Fresnel, Co-fundadora Leella - Viagens de Integracao Familiar


Carolina is a very good communicator and listener, she asks the right questions to help me identify the real issues and address it. When necessary, she would challenge me to find the best decision and action to reach my objectives. 
She has a very natural and intuitive communication style that makes you comfortable to open up. She will always address the real issue without turning in circles.
I look forward to working with her again.

Isabelle Buffin, Senior Clinical Project Leader


La présence de Carolina a nos cotes pour notre installation en Suisse a été d'une très grande aide. Toujours disponible et très réactive, Carolina a une grande connaissance des processus de transition quand on décide de changer de cadre de vie.
Nous continuons ensemble pour mener a bien nos projets de carrière et je ne peux que la remercier pour son support et sa solide expérience professionnelle.
Je recommande vivement les services de Carolina comme coach de transition a toutes les familles arrivant en Suisse.



O que eu mais gosto na Carolina é o olhar dela sobre os acontecimentos. Ela é super sensível e consegue sempre fazer as conexões necessárias entre os fatos e os sentimentos.
Seus insights são valiosos e seu modo de expor é muito claro. Eu me sinto muito à vontade de dividir dúvidas com ela, pois ela sempre terá algo sábio e imparcial pra dizer. 
O que faz dela uma excelente profissional é um mix da sua forte intuição e do seu conhecimento e profissionalismo. 
Ela nos deixa muito a vontade, e por isso sentimos vontade de confiar rapidamente.
Eu só tenho a agradecer toda a ajuda que recebi e continuo recebendo dela

Sandra Wajsros Girod, Designer


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